Made in the USA: 100% of our rigs are built with using only the highest quality of American made materials available.

Built with heavy duty Metal: We use high quality metals that will ensure a long life of the Rig’s platform.

Easy to operate: We strive to manufacture the drilling rigs so they are as easy to operate as possible.

Large working room: Our shop allows us to build multiple units at a time in a 40 foot tall building with two overhead cranes. So no matter the weather our employees can work comfortably and happily on building your rig.

Welded by hand not robots: Each rig we build is welded by hand to ensure consistent quality beads. Our welders have a combined 40+ years of experience.

Tested: Each rig is inspected and tested to make sure everything is working as it should. We fire up the engines and run all hydraulics to ensure seals are holding and hydraulic motors/components are in working order. We also run the mud pump (if equipped) at our water pit to see if it too is operating properly.

  • Rig Models

    Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

    RockBuster R100T

    R100 Truck Mounted

    Crawler Mounted Drill Rig

    RockBuster R100C

    R100 Crawler Mounted

  • UA-24442016-1