Rig Options

Drill Rig Options

The RockBuster® drilling rigs have several options to choose from.  Options are not needed to drill but are designed to make the process easier.

  • J-Latch:  By manually lowering the J-Latch over the top joint of drill pipe this will hold the top stick steady while breaking loose from the bottom joint.
  • Hydraulic Top Mount Breakout:  Works the same as the J-Latch but hydraulically lowers the latch over the top joint.
  • Air Connection:  This option will add a port so a external air compressor or 2nd mud pump can be easily plugged into the rig.  The port will be tied into the standard valve manifold heading to the swivel.
  • Foam Injection Pump:  This is a skid mounted pump so it can be position just about anywhere.  It is hydraulic powered from the existing hydraulic system on the rigs.
  • Automatic Hammer Oiler:  Requires the Air Connection Option, this item would be tied into the airline and will automatically inject Hammer Oil into the stream and send it down to the DTH Hammer.
  • Mast Extension:  The Mast Extension option (not pictured) comes with an on board hydraulic powered winch.  The extension bolts to the top head drive (when needed) and when raise to the top of the mast gives 25 feet of clearance so that 20 foot (6m) sections of PVC well casing can be dropped/installed.  The Mast Extension is rated for 5000 lbs.



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